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Our Approach is structured around the emergence of an IoT ecosystem which has given rise to an asset value chain comprising of connections of things, data, process and people.

A complete IoT system integrates four distinct components: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and a user interface. Below I will briefly explain each component and what it does.

IoT platforms can help organizations reduce cost through improved process efficiency, asset utilization and productivity. With improved tracking of devices/objects using sensors and connectivity, they can benefit from real-time insights and analytics, which would help them make smarter decisions. The growth and convergence of data, processes and things on the internet would make such connections more relevant and important, creating more opportunities for people, businesses and industries.

CAASP labs Pvt. Ltd.
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    IoT device management

    A number of challenges can hinder the successful deployment of an IoT system and its connected devices, including security, interoperability, power/processing capabilities, scalability and availability.

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    IoT device connectivity and networking

    The networking, communication and connectivity protocols used with internet-enabled devices largely depend on the specific IoT application deployed. Just as there are many different IoT applications, there are many different connectivity and communications options.

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    IoT device security

    The interconnection of traditionally dumb devices raises a number of questions in relation to security and privacy. As if often the case, IoT technology has moved more quickly than the mechanisms available to safeguard the devices and their users.

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    IoT device trends and anticipated growth

    Gartner estimated the total number of IoT devices in use to have reached 8.4 billion in 2017, a 31% increase over 2016. And the estimations for future growth of IoT devices have been fast and furious.

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The management of fire protection manage the system that will control the fire risks. It will schedule, standardise and guarantee that tasks are completed on time.
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Asset management is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. It simplifies to manage your organization.
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CAASP LABS Facilities Management provides a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution to plan, manage and maintain smooth operation of your labour force and services.
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Edu-Caasp is a complete cloud based ERP software which is customized to meet the essential needs of any level educational institute and their day-to-day operations.
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We design and develop ERP SYSTEM & MOBILE APPS that delight your users and grow your business. Enterprise-grade development combined with outstanding design.

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