CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd.

CAASP LABS has the expertise to develop and implement content management solutions that offer clients more control over their content, without the exorbitant cost of cumbersome, large-scale solutions.
Our CMS implementations meet highly variable needs ranging from functionality specs and databases to hosting platforms and consistently deliver power, flexibility, scalability and ease of use. With immense proficiency in PHP and development and support experience in CMS tools such as Joomla, Drupal and Alfresco, we help build custom made solutions for Content Management System.

Our unique expertise encompasses:

  • Website management systems
  • Media asset management systems
  • Project Management
  • Document Management

We recognize your need to maintain a streamlined workflow process is often coupled with the desire to distribute content creation and publishing rights to different responsible parties. Our solutions achieve both demands while providing a better user experience.
If your organization has the requirement for web content management, document management or digital assets management, CAASP LABS has the mastery of the CMS process. With the help of our CMS, you can:

  • Allow as many people as needed to contribute and share data
  • Define user types and controls access to your data
  • Facilitate easy data storage and retrieval
  • Eliminate data duplication and reduces repetition
  • Improve communication and productivity among users

With a consistent appearance and a visual design created with the end user in mind CAASP LABS pays special attention to the GUI. This focus is significant because content developers and Web masters—not IT—are most often charged with keeping content up to date.

CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd.