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CAASP Banking Solutions

CAASP LABS banking solutions covers a wide range of services like, retail banking, smart card management, and provides a highly secure and reliable environment for the banks. Our banking solutions focus on enhancing online customer service experience for banking sector through continuous product innovation and deliver products and services quickly. We help banks to use technology and social media services to enhance their customer base and services. CAASP core banking services expertise uses business analytics to transform operations to achieve business and service optimization and enhanced security and reliability for online transactions.

  • Extensive functions covering all the requirements of commercial and administrative teams, with great emphasis on analytical reporting
  • Consolidation of data at Client and Clients Group levels, for credit risk, activities, and profitability management purposes, with a real-time overview of contracts, outstanding and any special conditions.
  • Expertise in Credit Risk management: tools to measure Risk ratings, customized scoring management, credit limits management (accounts, products, clients and risk reporting. 
  • User Friendly Application: UI and the functionalities are of core importance while using the application. Our emphasis is to ensure the users find the system easy to use and at the same time ensuring the security parameters are met at all times.

Key Features

Operational Accounts:

  • Account opening.
  • Transactions (credit/Withdrawal by cash).
  • Transfers (transfer to/from S.B. Accounts).
  • Transaction maintenance taking care of minimum balance in account.
  • Interest calculation & posting.
  • Schedule.
  • Execution of standing instructions.
  • Photo & Signature of the member available and accessible at the time of each withdrawal transaction for verification.
  • Pass sheet printing.
  • Account closing.
  • Reports.
  • SMS integration
  • Mobile application for end users

Term Deposits:

  • Consists of FD, RD, RICC, Cash Certificate, Pigmy and Thrifts deposits
  • Account opening.
  • Deposit Receipt printing.
  • Interest calculation and posting.
  • Closing before maturity (Pre Closure).
  • Closing on maturity.
  • Transfer of Term Deposit Interest to SB,RD.
  • Deposits Renewals.
  • Reports.
  • Deposit Maturity Report.
  • Interest Provisions.

Cash Transactions:

  • Internally updating daybook entries like Receipts, Payments, and Transfers between accounts can be updated internally through the respective modules, direct voucher entries to the G/L are possible
  • Receipts and Payments.
  • Cashier Scroll.
  • Cash Register.
CAASP Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Loans and Advances:

  • Consists of Surety Loan (Unsecured), Crop Loan, Vehicle Loan, Gold Loan, Loan Against Deposit (like, FD, RICC / CC) Loan Ledgers & various types of reports.
  • Loan sanctioning.
  • Loan disbursement.
  • Creation Loan Parameters by user.
  • Borrower and Surety Details.
  • Interest calculation and posting as per the loan schemes.
  • Interest Provisions for annual financial year.
  • Transfer entries from SB, Shares and Dividend are possible.
  • Loan repayment.
  • Loan Charges posting.
  • Loan closure.
  • Penalty Interest.
  • Loan Ledger view.
  • Loan Schedule for Different Amount, ROI, Periods.
  • Reports.
  • Loan Balance pass sheet.
  • Monthly Demand collection Balance report.
  • Overdue report.
  • NPA report.

Standing Instructions:

  • Carrying out of Standing Instruction on day-to-day basis and monitoring of Standing Instruction, cancellation, etc.
  • Define Standing Instruction.
  • Processing and posting.
  • Status of Standing Instruction.
  • Reports.