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ERP for Automobile Industry

In order to remain or become a strong player in the automobile industry it is crucial to have streamlined business. Enterprise Resource Planning systems can obviously help achieve this goal and redefine greatly one's company development. With ERP solutions implemented into business process there are no difficulties in overcoming inevitable industrial challenges such as high quality customer service, vendor, inventory and delivery management, marketing and labor efficiency. Such systems provide specialized companies with a comprehensive set of features which serve to track and analyze current policy making, make reasonable changes and control the work of all departments.

Benefits :

  • Quality control management thanks to which it is convenient to track product and customer service quality in real time, notice occurring problems and correct them timely ensuring in such a way high quality standards of automobiles and customer relations.
  • Inventory management that allows coping with relevant operations giving a platform for efficient inventory planning.
  • Electronic document database where all documentary work is sorted and there is no necessity to keep tons of papers.
  • Finance management system with the help of which all financial and accounting data are sorted in one place available at any time and, as a result, financial information is managed more effectively.
  • Human resource management that reduces time spent on administrative work as it provides companies with specific modules dedicated to employee contact information, performance evaluation, working hours and duties, etc.
  • Service management that controls after sale support of clients sorting their latest demands and requirements and tracking timely service.
  • Order management system where customers’ orders are visible which gives an opportunity to analyze purchasing history and be prepared for the succeeding contacts with a client.
  • Sales management where sales and marketing activities are comprised and automotive businesses can take measures promptly to improve sales effectiveness.
  • Automobile maintenance that gives a full picture on equipment state.
  • Integration with communication channels to keep in touch with clients and colleagues.